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Time and time again I have heard married women speak of the fact that the one aspect of their Wedding they wish they had invested in was a Wedding Planner/Coordinator. Why? Because after all the money and time invested in the special day they had imagined since they were kids, the Wedding fell apart. They just couldn’t be the bride and manager all at the same time. But what always surprises me is the amount of Brides that say that they are shocked how affordable it is to hire a planner these days.

There’s one for every budget and taste. Perhaps when you think of a planner you imagine the Royal Wedding or Jennifer Lopez running around with her fanny pack. Now her depiction of a planner isn’t too far off…we wear many hats. However, why should YOU have to be the one wearing all the darn hats? The only thing that should be on your head is your veil, point blank.

Trust me when I say that I understand the many stressors of planning an event. It can become very expensive, very quickly. But there are some things you shouldn’t skimp on and one of them is a Coordinator. You don’t have to hire one to plan the entire day if you don’t want to. Here are some of the many options you can choose from:

Month of Coordinator

Starting around 6-8 Weeks prior to the Wedding day, your wedding coordinator will step in to ensure that all plans are in place. They will take a look at what you have booked so far, identify any loose ends, and create a timeline of the day. Then your Coordinator will run the Wedding day from beginning to end.

Full Wedding Planning

This is ideal for a couple that is very busy in their personal lives. Planning a Wedding is a lot of work and the average couple spends 250 hours on this alone. Hence hiring a professional Wedding Planner is the best option. They will take care of all of the details and execute your vision for the Wedding.


Aren’t exactly sure where to start? Have questions or looking for vendor recommendations but don’t want to commit to hiring a planner?  Book a consultation. They will sit down with you and your partner and assist you in any way you need. This is usually on an hourly basis and they will not coordinate the Wedding unless you hire them to do so. You may find that after the meeting hiring them will be a lot less stressful. This is just a great low cost option to get you started on the right path.

So no matter what your budget or particular needs are, hiring a planner is very accessible. Be transparent about what you want and be prepared to fully enjoy your Wedding day like a BOSS.


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