This is my first blog post.'s really happening. Do you know how long it took me to narrow down what I wanted to write about. At first I thought about talking about the do's and don'ts of Wedding planning or top 10 must haves for an Epic Party. 

But then I realized that topics like those are a dime a dozen. You could find a million posts from fellow Event Planners blogging about the same topic. But that just ain't me! Yes, Planning Epic Parties are what I live for but having a great party goes beyond the budget. 

It's about putting that signature stamp on your event that screams YOU! Guests should be able to walk into the space and think, "Yes, this is all John" or "ABC co. has really outdone themselves, this totally represents what they stand for!"

You're not going to achieve that reaction by playing it safe and having the same ol' run of the mill event. 

It's all about being true to yourself and "Stepping outside the box".